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JONATHAN: The tape doesn’t lie. Okay, now lets get on to your replication.

CLIENT #2     Okay, there are a few things that I want to start off with that are dates back to October, even to the end of October. But there, they’re interesting so hopefully.

JONATHAN: Only if they back to 1982.

CLIENT #2     But what was it last year? This was a meditation. I was going through two mirrors. And then I saw a blue mass of energy with what kind of energy means alive and floating.

JONATHAN: We’re sure we haven’t discussed this before, maybe a different reality. Now, let’s reflect on first of all what are we talking about? In the meditation itself, we go through different barriers, unravel the mythical aspects of ourselves. We see within ourselves many areas of potential meditation itself; we see the various what is marason reflection, self-reflection looking into yourself the process of looking and seeing the total totality. Okay, all right, reflection. What are you doing? When you’re in a meditative state you’re searching, you’re reflecting on oneself. And you go through a series of images, each image reflects at that moment your particular state, the state up to that particular moment need to be touched on to you. The color blue stimulates, it stimulates love. Once you see it stimulates the flow and especially soft, soft fluid is extremely benevolent energy shoots out of your relationships all aspects. But but you have the flow of energy. Now, what’s interesting about this is you have veins stimulate, so what you see as your arteries and seeing that visible in a concrete and not, shall I say if flowing in more fluid so that they don’t really show in other words, the energy itself low light it flows more evenly. As concentration of interesting points here as you saw them. And what does that say? First of all, to be a missive concrete this is why because flow what’s not as difficult but what is this difficulty to be resolved. We look at those things going through. These are the areas that we are saying. It’s time to resolve the situation. Things stimulate software difficult very, very simple. Why because he tells you at that particular point in time it was showing it was teaching you a certain, it was teaching you not only self-reflected of oneself but it was teaching you and showing you with the difficult one because every time we accomplish something struck and puff our chest flutter off feathers and whatever belief we need to look at ourselves and say to ourselves that this is the total aspect of duty is for you to understand that it’s a process and we resolve different companies that we flow with yet that we reached the next difficulty to offer flow.

CLIENT #2   All these because I am not complaining. This was a dream; it was a couple in front of the doorway to a house and in a voice as if I wasn’t going to be totally clear on the symbolism of voice came out but love is the key to gateway.


CLIENT #2     It’s humorous that voice came through make no mistake you’re going to understand.

JONATHAN: All right! Now in the stream first of all the reason be hind the voice has to clarify, voice needed to clarify the situation, we love the software has problems, we all have so what does this mean?  How was it clarified some misinterpretation. So this is going back to number one apprehension site sometimes we move too fast or too slow we get absorbed. We know right guardian case approach to design reflect okay but the liberalization can actually work, voice additional, additional knowledge is required does additional design so it just a pop-up because knowledge is that it’s what’s the expression like to be tapped on the taste you, you get a taste of it and accelerates it and the desire is accelerated because the additional knowledge excite you because it makes it so exciting and from there then we realize and how can we realize, realize that’s going through the process . Next we have to take that Love is the key and the actualization would be actually gone let’s go back three dreams up there didn’t realize it. What is the purpose of the dream teach, teach this in this situation. We should show what to do, accomplish it. Of course, you’re not going to accomplish it by accomplishing this reality the benefit in this reality and not to dream reality so that’s the reason. But the three key, the key was supposed to be used over and over again on the gateway to your desired cause because you had to know to find it

CLIENT #2    Okay, in my meditation and well more and more all the time the last session we had really struck home that I needed to get on the path clearly self-love and all and so I’m you know definitely doing that more and more and it’s really a blessing, yeah. In the meditation you know, I do my little warm up stuff and then I get in touch with my core and then I get in touch with my core and then just more and more expand it and become one with it and become one with it. That kind of thing and I an just wonderful, if you would comment on that if there’s anything. Anything else I might be do

JONATHAN: When you meditate think about meditation, its personalized and youneed to get into the routine, you need to do things in meditation for your satisfaction. And you need to sometimes go to do a ritual. But sometimes it’s necessary to go through a ritual which with a certain state. But you need to get to the point where when you go through the ritual, you reach a point, so you’re in a certain place that isn’t the same else do I do. Now you need to get to open avenues so that you reach that state. Just pop-up creatures, adventures, just like fantasy.What do you want? You want self-knowledge. So, you need adventure. And even this blue canary is the purpose. It’s there for you to explore. It’s not there because it’s a blooper. There is somebody there because it’s unnecessary because you created that, because you created to explore because at that point in time as luck theory means something to you and it’s necessary for you to understand that particular point in time. Now. Two months that lie, it doesn’t mean but a that particular time, it symbolizes that you experience, it’s a personal experience. So, when you reach those days, you have to look up that’s that you see and try to expose and sometimes they’re very tempting, sometimes the in and out, fades in, fade out, they don’t want to get the whole thing, because once you get a glimpse of taste, you want to tap to chance to try the stuff. The more you play with meditation, it’s fun, lots of fun, lots of fun, lots of joy about meditation is that stimulates the internal part of yourself. It’s like washing yourself on the inside because remember, these things are just waiting to be stimulated. This is like the skin likes to be stimulated, you wash yourself, your skin is stimulated and generated because more vigorous and healthy and the same thing happens inside of yourself. You need to generate the flow of energy inside of yourself, you need to wash away all the stills you have accumulated. So, the sort of configuring the trial process. It’s really important to do so. I think when you go into meditation, you have to be like some explorer. Magellan possibly, be a much all explorers can pretty much do anything, let’s say this is a dream.

CLIENT #2     I was getting ready to take a bath! Oh, something Calvin play got financial backing with a big producer causally looked at it. It was like a showing. And everyone was nervous but me and another guy who casually showed the producers a concept room. He quickly decided to go with it. Back then, others aren’t getting involved and play slow communication by doing their practical or practice deploy. He told them he had already addressed the issue and he hasn’t been heard though I heard, then there was dancing that was abit constructed because it was like done on top of some like a huge piano so there were pet pads for the keys and they were in this room, then everybody was in the audience and the play was great men through history. I think through the history of America. They would speak and the audience would close losses. A woman chooses someone, some stuff.

JONATHAN: I didn’t understand what you just told me. Now, we’re talking about work of art. There are certain aspects that I say here. Number onehave a contract to profit this discussion, the producing and communication and lack of communication between the author and the producer essentially. Say that to drink essentially, you’re talking about input from some different sources regarding communication, difficulty to the production seeing the resolution difficult. All Right!

CLIENT #2 Now the producer was the backend guy and went with it right asway.

JONATHAN: So, what does this say? Number one say that the potential problem is not on the aspect of publishing the problem on the day. In other words, the publishing is there awaiting production. Production isn’t communication difficulty. The producer is communicating what he is not in a hurry right? What does that mean? That’s what he’s communicating? Now, we have to say, number one, is he communicating properly? Because if he’s communicating no one is hearing so that means either we have a difficulty on his process on his part or we have a difficult in the reception on his part. Or we have difficulty in the reception of his communication. We all have the unwillingness to open the lines of communication.We all have the unwillingness to open lines of communication, very trivial. What we have right now we’re talking about the competition very trivial. What we have the right now we’re talking about competition. Right, and the resolution of the problem and the detriments have happened, but we are not saying the complete name, we see from the absent of completion does take place. So, we ae saying the difficulty of getting this donein accomplishing this is not so much the aspect of getting funding for it, as for the production of it, know what’s interesting is that we see three things happen in the stream. When you walk into a bar, look what you have three things that are part of life, You have a piano, you have a dance, you  have a look at three things that in some way distraction s from the production of three, but also am integral part of life to produce a book, you need to overcome these obstacle in p________, return on the integral part of the book.So, those three distinctions are part of the book. Now I know mean that per se, you’re going to write about a piano. But there’s an experience with this on the way that’s going to be relevant to the book by that it may just be a situation and where music plays a role, but maybe a minor role. It may be a dance plays a role, but maybe just a minor role. But it may teach you a lesson, it may teach you one aspect of opening it, opening to a whole new avenue, a whole new chapter. Each of those things will have an impact on the book but it will be done shortly, shortly as ominous No.

CLIENT #2    This is a medication I’ve got an image of what was in a water passageway like a canal is flowing out of the tunnel around the bend ahead seemed to be more like.

JONATHAN: What do you think? Just giving know the debt of the water is more when we talk about ourselves, we looked upon ourselves on the surface. And you don’t want to have this now, it also has one filter container with surface love smile. Now we talked about ourselves, we also have the service, we have a deep part of it. This part is unveiling the part that we don’t like to look at. Now, sometimes the flow is much quicker than the depth can resolve easily.

Easier the surface sometimes it takes a while for the results of solving each surface with a say to discuss let say to you we’re looking at this in the surface you don’t see begin to work in the document on the motion of the canal, the currents and the flow of energy is more under the surface for the inner workings of every hive. This is saying that it is important to know the underneath of yourself because as you approach this opening workflow, the flow of energy can express itself more readily when it is knowledgeable of the current flow. Rather than just judging things on the surface you can judge, make a judgment, erroneous judgment for all these reasons is more important that you at least have more than adequate knowledge, adequate of the situation. So, it’s more important to understand the depth, then make a judgment, Surface as you tend to do as you tend to get overwhelmed by people for instance, let’s say you meet someone brand new opportunity. This is going to be earth shattering because then something happened, it’s all judgments make a judgment based on surface reaction. Depth constantly learning to understanding the undercurrents.

Learn to perceive and don’t get overwhelmed by a circus on the side because the facades can help at one time do something that you thought was detrimental learn to feel, observe, proceed feel energized, resolved because that’s attractive. The reason for this infatuation then the degradation of the ventilation or opposite situation then the degradation of the ventilation or opposite situation is because of that steam problem which attracts the energy elimination problem eliminate the attraction. So, one has to learn two things, Number One is to be able to perceive elements on a deeper level to increase your self-knowledge and self-worth, by appreciating abilities, the ability not to perceive instead of being infatuated, all the gods will be set up here and there.

CLIENT #2 Okay, well, like the latest is the stone the people involved in this and executive that you know, I do see there are opportunities and I say that, you know, the situation is not complete although there is great potential and the people, who started indeed are definite at a nicer higher level than other people attract. And the people who started indeed are definitely at a nicer higher level than other people attract. And it does seem like it might be a good source of income and it does seem like it might be a good source of income. Really a lot of you know, the moment it’s, it’s very exciting and stimulating, especially because of the potential for actually having a good income coming in doing what I love to do. And I’m reminded of the last session when we talked about avenues that would open there but this one, the one that seems good, you know, I don’t know, if you care to come in.

JONATHAN: Well, first of all, if you want an answer, I can’t tell you. But also, in other words, I’m not going to tell you what results in me. That’s for you to create. Okay, all right what I see here is this. This potential what it all boils down to you.  Number One, you have to learn not to get overwhelmed no matter what whether it’s a benevolent thing because what happens is, what you do is get overwhelmed and you let your guard down and the little voice that’s dope.  And then the people see that, and they take advantage of it. So, that’s NUMBER ONE, NUMBER TWO is that first of all, if they see that it causes more problems than they’re not. Dealing with the same level and then in a detriment the whole situation they just don’t they know they can take challenging the people new challenges.  NUMBER THREE is this you then what happens after that is that low self-esteem comes in. Depression comes in. NUMBER FIVE for recovery and NUMBER FOUR is recovery, then you try to add energy slowly because this cycle, this whole thing over again and depression and your recovery, let’s go back to the next lesson.

Lessons: Joy the more, you can have job without a job, you can experience joy and you can get a job. Just by being observant by being challenging and by interacting with people in the flow of energy can be very benevolent it doesn’t have to be the same type of energy it can be you, can give more energy and they can have less energy and NUMBER SEVEN you can trade energy on that way, and it can be very joyful experience to you don’t have a given person choice. You don’t put across an inferior being, across a challenging person so, that is something they desire, and they want to communicate with that person, and it is up to the and so with the contract we have no depression. Then we have no need for recovery because a lot of depression because recovery from depression. Alright, so here we are. So, we have a contract in general. What do we do? We generate joy, we come along, we have the answer, tuition and then the listing agent does the same. What are we slowly doing? A little self-esteem, that little thing isn’t as low as it was before. It slowly moves up and generates your life, the more the flow self-esteem thing’s going come up one day, it’s going to come up one day, it’s going to be way up there, and you don’t have to worry about it. Because you know what you are, we fail to what did we do? We put a joyful experience and what did we do with this joyful experience, we generated and we’re generally asleep and you don’t have to go to your limitations or your self-esteem.

CLIENT #2    I need some experiences again! HA! HA! I just think I left my body! Just then!

JONATHAN: So just try to! When you meet someone trying to be joyful with that person and try to extend the energy that’s so much on the surface and try not to be close to the surface and try to go deeper. Try to concentrate on going beyond the surface inside. Feel the person, feel what the person really wants and be able to say, well that person has a façade, And I don’t know I really want anything to do. I don’t know if I want that contract with that person. I don’t know if I feel comfortable with that person. We need to feel comfortable; I need to understand myself. I need to understand that the people around me are so tuned in that I don’t have to be loving to myself and loving the next time in that circumstance trying to resume joy. You try to protect yourself being joyful.

CLIENT #2     In the challenging aspect, it’s interesting to keep that.

JONATHAN: You have to challenge people to be stimulated. Low self esteem has not studied if something is not challenging people get word out. Board Attorneys need challenges what are you doing. Now, you are challenging yourself, you’re evolving. If you weren’t challenging yourself, you would be saying stagnant. You know, you could drink beer and watch the football game, express yourself be more interested in change this is an old adage is nothing stays the same, everything changes. The only thing that doesn’t change is the idea of change. Because everything has to change, everything has to flow in its energy. Now what good is energy if it doesn’t flow, this is no good at all. If you have a river that doesn’t flow that’s going tom generate any trees or grass loss because the flow has become stagnant. Instead, you need to flow, you need to move, need to make sure your energy is stimulated.  Without stimulation you don’t have any energy. With energy we become a state of constant stimulation, constantly challenging. It’s always challenging itself, is challenging the earth all the time. It’s currently new areas all washing things away but it’s giving nourishment to the grass and trees instead of people.

CLIENT #2     I am trying to get a foot and leg massage and a bunch of people around and one guy was determined to be helpful in the end. Okay?

JONATHAN: I’m getting, I’m getting images of black pillows. Know what see right now is blacks, so it has blacjsortn of like a gold, not a fringe but it’slik