JONATHAN’S JOURNALS SESSION 95 November 9, 1991 Meditation Questions

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CLIENT #!  I would like to ask you a question about a meditation. I had a meditation the other day when I was determined to ask myself about a cure for Psoriasis ion my neck. I got the message that I was taking a deer out of the water in relationship with the stomach area and I see a deer in the water, rotting there and it shouldn’t be there, so it has to do with cleansing. Then I received an impression, “Fix it with a MINI-Twist” then finally “Birth tension dying of thirst”.

JONATHAN:  Let us talk about Psoriasis. What is Psoriasis? It is caused because harmful things that happen in the past. Psoriasis involves animals. What I see here you’re making a breakthrough. Certain events have come forth in the meditation about animals that have suffered in your grasp in prior lifetimes. This animal energy has come to a point to produce a physical ailment. Now what I see here is that there was a slaughter of deer. And I see in the woodlands there was a slaughter of deer. The deer symbolizes greed and might not make sense to you. But we will go on. In that lifetime the deer was your incarnation of greed and slaughter produced a more raunchy taste than actual greed itself. Where getting to the point where physical elements and spiritual elements intertwine. This was a wrongful thing to do even though it was through a spiritual basis, it was thought to be a beneficial effect. What I am saying here is it was wrongful to kill this creature, even though the production of its death may have produced a benefit here. Because even though the hatefulness that is inside of ourselves, sometimes is used for good purposes. The core part of the problem is the essence of hatefulness, the essence of negative energy. There can be a more positive energy to accomplish the same thing without having the negative effect with the follow through. And all also, as we go on to this little scenario, I see the sinking Swamp Like Character. And what does the Swamp Like Character mean? The Swamp Like Character is dragging of oneself. And then we go into this problem, self-esteem, go on the other basis of the psychological configuration, which one is comprised of when we start analysing some of the elements of the configuration of the individual. We have seen these certain bases that may go beyond this lifetime into other lifetimes in which the basis is of our faults. And our good points have their focus in another existence. So, then for when we look at the effects of our being, bodies, such may not be looking at our own creation and prior existence, which entwined into this expression, and helps us understand the total aspect of their own being. Now, what I am trying to say here, in your case, is the seeds of this illness are bases in private existence and therefore, the solution to your illness is in private existence. I am not saying that it can’t be cured existence. But what I am saying is, the solution has to be a joint resolution of the problem with the other parts 0f yourself to resolve this problem. So, therefore, one focuses on these prior lifetimes, one needs to resolve the lingering karma that’s attached to these lifetimes. And because you need to help those parts of you in those lifetimes that are experiencing this at the present time. So that could be resolve your own problem, so, we have this flow is accordion to be opened up, and all negative energy evacuated from it, so that we can streamline the energy and resolve the problem. Because of the fiscal element and any examples of the past only are meant to educate you on this process. So that you understand by going this process you can eliminate some of the psychological personality disorders that you might have and in order to do so this one has to analyze, and one has to look not in a way that can be frightened to oneself. But in a way that can open up one’s own existence and be one with themselves and understand the elements of one’ s own being and now I see the arrow is an arrow there and that arrow is not a very benevolent arrow, is not an arrow of hate and with the greed and the hate inside of you, think you let go of the guilt associated with greed and hate and there is something interesting here. And I see here is that there is a guilt associated with hate and there is something interesting here. This is lovely, now I see it creature, the closest thing in your world would be similar to Tinkerbell. Now this creature is in the swamp and she’s flying around, and she has to do something with this problem with this hate and greed, but she’s not really involved in it per se. But she’s solar is trying to assist this resolution of your problem. So therefore, what I’m saying to you here is that we focus on this image of this Tinkerbell, this little fairy because it may be the key to the resolution of your problem and remember that when you meditate look for this little fairy that as she goes along it’s like a firefly, I think she could teach you a problem of the MINI TWIST.

CLIENT #1:  And what about the MINI TWIST, I think it as to do with the neck.

JONATHAN:  I think that was to do it. What I see here is only a rope and what I see in this rope it’s a braided rope and I just kind of lost in life. I think I see somebody being hanged; it is being very murky. This is a very swampy, it’s very, I think it has to do with psoriasis, which is same as not a person, so I think it’s awful. I think there was act for whatever fantasy, fantasies, fantasy, fantasy, familiar element, we were doing it wasn’t you, weren’t a very let’s say person. It was something that kid and I think the animal energy essentially is at first of all energy is interconnected so and sometimes people look down on animals for whatever. Sometimes we feel this is karma that comes back because you’re really this energy is utilized all the time so in different lifetimes you may come back with the energy that was this, dead animals are part of you. Psoriasis develops because you are not at peace with this animal and then it becomes part of you. Then it reacts to your own body that there was a confrontation between your old energy and the energy of the animal providing a negative effect so essentially that it happens between the psoriasis tension, the other thing. I think it means the same thing by the way, but it’s another animal I see it’s like a pregnant cow, all aisle I just can’t see what type of any animal. There is a birth taking place and there’s a sword and I think the child was killed during birth. I think it looks similar to a cow or horse, but I just can’t make out the figure. I just see the abdomen. I think they need to get the young out because they used the ways to use the young for food because the meat is much tender then they are used to eating.

CLIENT:  Same meditation and evidence. I ended up with a blue jay in a tree.

JONATHAN:  Oh yeah, I don’t see a bloody issue. But I think the Blue Jay is a symbol; as you know, the Blue Jay is a very aggressive bird. its, kind of bitchy in a way and it sort of picks on other creatures. So, I think the symbol here is as you go through the process and develop the Blue Jay symbolizes this part of yourself that has this probably, just symbolizes the culmination of all the energy effectiveness, sort Of albatross around the neck.

CLIENT:  All right, All right! I also had a meditation a few days before, shadow-like like a plant growing over my little sun and had to clear it away.

JONATHAN:  What we’re seeing here is this, from the obvious, all of the obvious point of view symbolizes is that we have a problem with you on self-esteem as this energy is trying to fight your improvement, doing so, your issue of self-esteem trying to push back in so, it shows you some improvement has been made. You have the ability to not allow yourself to dry under your emotions coming faster than the kind of image of rest today.

CLIENT #1  In this meditation I saw a woman with a bust that was too big , was embarrassed to pass by them.

JONATHAN:  You really have some images! What, I think that symbolizes this is the book itself. You may be feeling the book symbol is symbolizes as symbolizes feeling that’s what the press and embarrassment associated with because book is not in a complete state, it’s the focus virus by being present at the time and I don’t mean that the total whole book is has be finished, pieces to be the same as the pieces that are not I think as they see this causing the energy that you went into especially when you ask for money for the book, the chapters that you’re processing need to be trimmed down, not so much size but substance because monitoring is associated with substance not volumn. Then you just need to evaluate what you reread it. Shape needs to be able to have it seems a little late for some people are it’s by that awesome. It’s going over their head of what you’re trying to say. Okay, so maybe phraseology maybe needs to be changed to help men must be some way to experience may be this. We could put something where they can experience other words. When people read something, I am not saying that they can experience it. They can experience suffering so what you need to do real suffering anything else you have.