SUSAN: I am intimidated by the messages which I do not understand and having difficulty with their insistence in my mind.

JONATHAN: Just a moment please. Now, when we understand the path, let me explain it.  Some people have difficulty communicating with themselves. Now, in this case, what it is saying to you is that you have this communication which a lot of people do not have. In other words, when you are able, you get messages from above, you have to pay attention to these messages. Say, for instance, you have certain insights, say you are aware of certain things, you are aware of intuition, right. Sometimes through the bird is like your intuitive thought. Those of things that come down to you that these things are things that you should be doing. Sometimes these are things that we normally do, sometimes we pay attention and sometimes we don’t.  But what we are saying here is that in your case  you have such a clear communication between the RABBIT and the BIRD. You really need to pay attention to this because this is really good for you to do. And your message is so clear it is really important for you to follow this message. Whereas most people don’t have this clear message and it is hard for them to pay attention. But if you concentrate and you need to concentrate on having this communication. This communication is really important for you. It is one of those things in this lifetime you need to accelerate on. This communication is really important to you. It is one of those things in this lifetime you need to accelerate on. The communication is between your intuitive side and your physical side. OK, it is primarily that is really something that you can do really quite well if concentrate with dealing on your intuitive side. Your intuitive side is really strong. It gives you much more of the advantage of what events that are over most people’s area. So, you need to concentrate  on developing your intuitive side. So that is the idea of the BIRD because of the higher faculty, that therefore that is an image of the BIRD, and the self becomes an image which is love, which is a BUNNY which is an image of love. So, that love and the intuitive side, so you have communication between them, and they get along very well and there is a channel developing between them. You are going to be a much better person and much more aware of what you are going to do. In relationships and how to expand your relationships  and how you can be in touch with other people and help other people.  It is important for you to help other people. It is important for you to extend yourself sometimes, but you need to do this with your intuitive side. This BIRD inside of you telling you how to do it. Is there anything else? 

SUSAN: Thank you! 

ROBERT: Is it my turn? 

SUSAN: All on one tape? 

ROBERT: I will make a copy for you. 

ROBERT: I have three dreams. This dream I met Madonna through a message therapist, and we talked while lying down in a park. Many others were there. She was very nice, and I felt comfortable with her. She even listened to a type of mine. She asked about Losang, who was a Buddhist priest that I knew. But there were other priests lying down and they’re older and looked like they were more evolved. One priest lying there projected telepathically into my mind that conversation, saying Losang was now doing very well money-wise. So, he had to treat this guy for free since the guy was more of an aesthetic. It wasn’t very good humor, and I met another celebrity later. Then someone said that the moon was moving, starting to head towards the earth, but no one thought anything about it, then I was at home talking with my mom on the phone and our conversation was interrupted by an official female voice on the phone system saying the moon was rapidly heading towards the earth. I looked out the window  and saw the moon moving quickly out of its orbit. I told my mom it’s true and wanting to stay on the phone to be connected with her that was the end of that.  

JONATHAN: All right, What I see here, relationships, career, number one, the concept of Madonna and the celebrities etc. symbolizes development and the potential of career development, as it gets more and more intense, you’ll feel you’re rising up of your career, you will make an inroad of that aspects and you the aspects will get greater and greater. And also I sense here that there is this essence of a more aesthetic  and more beneficial attribute towards your career development as it becomes more and more evolved, you will see new direction towards that way. Now, the interesting part of this is the moon, the moon symbolizes emotion OK! The Emotional Body, the moon symbolizes what your emotions are about. It’s interesting in this is the moon  coming to us which means the emotional level is more and more emotional issues which are going to be developed as we are well aware of it recently you’ve gone through an emotional crisis or crise,  those things are very sensitive to you. But the moon to you seems to lost its appeal. It’s crashing down. It affects us and still permeating your soul. Your emotional levels have been hindered. So, you what we’re sensing here is the image of this emotional state coming  towards the Earth symbolizes that your emotional state has hit the pits.  So, the question is to repair your emotional senses and the emotional being and that’s why you’re going through this process. And I think the dream symbolizes that you looked up and it’s an emotional disaster for you. As far as your emotional states which will be repaired, etc. You know, there’s no real problem with that. The problem is whether you wallow in this emotional state or not, you need to grow out of the emotional state, back where it belongs. So, essentially, that’s what the dream is saying to you is it’s eerie. Let’s see, it’s free. Represented, representing the emotional state which you’re in, trying to get you to repair your emotional state in a lot of ways and we’ll go further, okay! I’ll step across the line a little bit and say look, it remembers images in this, your mother, right? And there’s an emotional state with your mother and the moon is falling, emotion and you are going to stay with your mother while your emotional moon is falling.  So, you are trying to repair this emotional state in the essence of being with your mother and talking with your mother during this crisis, is a real symbolic representation of your own emotional state and how you’re trying to repair it. Now you have to wake up in a lot of ways and deal with the emotional state which in a lot of ways, you don’t deal with your emotional side. You put it aside, you deal with your intellectual side more than you do your emotional side, you have to deal with your emotional state and you have to deal with the emotions and like for instance you have to deal with feelings, get in touch with the feelings you might have to stop at any given moment and say this is how I really feel, this is what I really want, know how you feel about it.  

ROBERT: You know, I‘ve done a lot of work moving past the last crisis relationship breakout we got totally ready to move on, but it’s like I still in spite of everything, it’s like I’m still connected, or I still have reactions, but…….with her. 

JONATHAN: That’s kind of an unusual question. How come? It’s something that happens with feeling. Just see, the thing is when things happen, right. It’s intellectually you can bet that things can stop alright emotionally, they’ll stop eventually, okay? But it doesn’t stop because you want it to stop. Okay, time is the best healing time you won’t have that oh, it just takes time for you to heal this length of time. You know, you put a band-aid on it, it’s not going to know, it’s going to stay there until you’re ready to complete the healing process. The healing process takes time and things may not be as benevolent as you want them to be. 

ROBERT: In this dream there was a symbol of an axe with something in the background.  I can’t remember, I think it was water. Now, this was one dream right after another. The second dream was that I put down the paperwork that I was doing like writing or something to pay attention to a woman. She was very pretty with flesh colored tight pants. I began caressing her legs and kissing them. She said, “I feel so comfortable with you touching me.” Right, you think that she might have been married or something. And that was the end of that.   

JONATHAN: First of all, let’s go to the second part first, all right, first of all we have a relationship, and we have a guilt relationship. When we are going back to the same emotion, why is it? I think that right now I feel that you have been hurt. And it is difficult for you, you feel that you are having a difficult time going into another relationship. It’s difficult for you to have a relationship and that’s why this woman that you were going with was something wrong with in some way, she was married or this or that or whatever. But you are looking at things as not futuristic. As far as you’re concerned, it is something that is not futuristic. And you think that well, I can’t go on a relationship, because I don’t want to get hurt again, et cetera. But you need to put that aside. And because your emotional state is searching for something, but it doesn’t, it’s trying to protect itself at the same time that you have to remember that’s a good relationship is when you really are open to yourself and to another person. And if you’re not, you don’t make a good relationship. Remember these things, you need to know that you’re going through the process. Now, so you understand what this is all about is you’re trying to deal with your whole emotional state. And it’s a healing and it’s not going to get better for a while.  But it’s telling you the things that you have to do, the things that you have inside of yourself, the breakup of this relationship, expose you to certain things and you need to deal with those things and some of those things you’re not aware of right now. Still, there are things inside of you that you’ve still not aware of, and maybe it’ll take many years to be aware of those things. I mean, things are not simple. There’s a whole complex system and as you uncover one thing, you encompass more things, and then what happens is this relationship opens up a little more and more evolved. Alright, the first part of the dream, this is the axe which is not a good sign. Alright,  think what’s happening here is this is you trying to say to yourself, well, I don’t want a relationship again, is the axe symbolizing cutting it off. 

ROBERT: It has actually two different dreams, I woke up!  

JONATHAN: But yeah, I know, but just going on,  OK! Alright! Alright! So, the axe symbolizes you’re cutting something off, now also you have water. And water symbolizes the letting go of things. So, you really have to be careful.  You have to be careful that you don’t overreact and what I’m trying to say here is you can’t overreact. And sometimes when you get hurt, you overreact to things, you try to make things worse than they are, okay? Youi try to say, oh, I don’t want to do the same, so that you cut things off.  And the water is lightweight that it flows and flows in and flows more and more. But anyway, you know, there’s this, you have to understand that this is one of those things that you have to realize this can’t be one way or another. I mean, you have to just say, let it go like the water. Let us say, okay don’t react to it, you know, so you’re hurt. Say to yourself, am I going to get hurt. Let it go. Alright! 

ROBERT: This one, I was with a blonde woman who wanted to get married. Other things cleared away and she wasn’t as old as I thought. She was born in 1957. She said that we can get a house in Beekman Place, which is a wealthy area like the Hamptons. I wasn’t sold on that but was considering it. 

JONATHAN: Into this relationship? Well, I think here we can have, you know, your desires and your expectations. And it seems to me that there are two elements in here. And it seems to me that there are two elements in here. One of the elements is wealth and the desire to be wealthy, you know and desire is through your career become the point that you should marry into some family that is on a certain social level, something that would be more acceptable to your profession that you can deal with rather than somebody that would be not as beneficial for your own social endeavors, so I think there’s a desire here and I think also you’re hooking off of this blonde woman that you’re seeking that you haven’t met yet but you will eventually which may be probable and make your life a little more pleasant probably most of your desires and values and be more akin to what you need and what she needs will be closely knit so it’s just that you just have to follow this and let it go forward.  

ROBERT: I just had this dream this morning, I was saying this is more pure because she didn’t drop sequin, I was telling someone because whatever I just saw was very true and pure and objective, but I don’t remember what it was. 

JONATHAN: Something that was very pure and objective. 

ROBERT The quote that I said is that this more pure because she didn’t properly drop a sequin. 

JONATHAN: The sequin! 

ROBERT: Everything was very direct. 

JONATHAN: Give me as moment Okay? 

JONATHAN: I was hearing this that you know what you want in a relationship, a person that can communicate with you and a person that you feel doesn’t need to drop hints that would be outright saying this is what etc. versus somebody that would not be more benevolent or not being in touch with yourself. So, anyway, the thing is what you want it’s saying to you is that there is going to be a person, out there to suit those needs and frustrations and those ways of doing things more than once. Yeah, you know, it means an opening for what you want and what you are going to have. 

ROBERT: Okay, well, if there’s anything you would like to say, I would greatly appreciate it? 

JONATHAN: Okay! Give me a second! 

ROBERT: My career seems to be on the verge of really blossoming, I feel good about it. And I am meeting with someone on Tuesday that could really help me with my skin problem and otherwise. 

JONATHAN: Things are looking up! That’s great! things are looking up. 

ROBERT: They really are! 

JONATHAN: Just give me a moment! OKAY, that’s good. That’s good news, right? Yeah, very good things are looking up. Let’s say this, all I know through a traumatic event, but it was necessary to get through it, you needed to go through it. And I think more of an emotional situation rather than a material situation, okay. And I think there are the issues that you need to resolve. And I think there’s parts of you that you have to deal with. And there are parts of your personality that you have barely scraped upon, that you are not really aware of, that you need to deal with. And you are going to deal with them through emotional situations. Okay, and like any emotional situation, it’s going to uncover some nerve that you did not know existed, okay?  But you need to cope with those in need to be less critical as you go through these situations, and just try to look at it in a more positive light, and not react in a more negative way. Things happen. And sometimes we try to justify why things happen, it doesn’t really matter the reasons why, you know, the subtle reasons that happen, the problem they happen because they’re exposing something for you to deal with. And there, they’re actually being a beneficial element. It’s, it’s a benefit because it’s telling you what this thing is and what it is doing. And it’s it, this helps you understand what’s going on with yourself. And so, you’re actually exposing yourself, and even though it seems like a negative event, it’s actually a more positive event. Because it’s giving you something in return, it’s giving more and more time and more and more benefits, being involved, involving going more and more in touch with yourself, becoming more knowledgeable of yourself and more aware of all the difficulties that you have. And you may say, well, I thought cured this thing. Well, maybe and maybe not, maybe it’s not meant to be cured, maybe it’s meant to give you hardship for a couple of years more. Who knows?  Well, yeah, well knows your own self, what did yourself or does it? What it is trying to teach you and  try to teach you to do one thing or another because they’re trying to teach you to be good or not. We’re trying to teach you to know yourself. Sounds like somebody’s chasing somebody. Oh! Pour thing! Well, anyway, we can, you know, there are certain elements in your life, the certain essences of your being, you have to deal with those essences, and you have to go through difficulty, you have to march through the mud. Because it’s necessary at times to get your boots dirty. As you get your boots dirty, you achieve, you advance forward, you know, you’re not going to advance forward if you just try and won’t get your boots dirty. Emotionally, you need to get your boots dirty. You have to be more in touch with yourself and be more involved and be more, more. You know, knowing yourself and exposing yourself or ripping away those issues you have inside of you. You got rip those things out, you know, and you got to expose those nerves a little bit. And you get in touch with those things that really bother you, but you don’t know they bother you. And being more full of knowledge of yourself and more full of who you are, where you’re going and what you are doing. The more aware of every essence of your doing is trying to understand who you really are. Not where you want to be and not where you think you are, but who you really are. Everything inside of you, every little nerve ending telling you something you need to know, how to pay attention to each little nerve ending. You need to know why you pay attention to each and every nerve. And you know how to pay attention to each little nerve ending telling you something good, telling you what you need to know. That’s why they come exposed is to listen very carefully to yourself inside and get the ego out of anyway. Poor boy! Just knowing that, know yourself, know who you are, it takes a long process, probably never complete the process in this lifetime. But each time you go upon one to another, you will become more and more involved. So, as you’re in a better state of being. 

JONATHAN: Anything else? 

ROBERT: Let’s see, I just finished reading this book and I was telling John about this, and it pretty much confirms all the work that we have been doing. And then my role is really to help people, you know, to move into the energy level and open up that way. Or at least it confirms how important that is for the changes on the way. And  it also talks about raising your vibration level so highly that you are pretty invisible to other people and just kind of move on through to the other realms. I  wonder if you could just talk a little about that, and as well, oh, say with my own work, you know, last time you talked about seeing the little sun and seeing the colors in the images more directly, which I have been doing. And when I look at it, it gives energy. 

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The book mentioned above was The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. 

JONATHAN: First of all, as far as the prophecies go. I know that everything is interrelated, I know this is very gratifying. You can see the relationship between what we are doing and what these insights have said. But let’s say all is not relevant. In other words, there are certain relationships that I have not been dealt with. There are things that are not said and even though things can be said, maybe oversimplified in some ways, things are a little more complicated than that. There are whole processes that have to be developing for certain things to happen. And things don’t happen as quickly as sometimes they think they should. Also, there’s lots of work involved, involving certain people who have reached states where they evolve to certain things and certainly certain states and it’s, it’s  more than just going through the processes. It’s how they are too and what they commit  is about and how they evolve. And how they can do certain things. Sometimes they can do these things with all without the insights. And you have to remember that there was a point where these people had to bring a certain thing in to be the person who wrote this and bring into being and this is what they were supposed to do. And it takes a lot of work to advance the certain states. So, you can’t just by following certain insights, think that you’re going to those states without preparation, it has to be lots of awareness of those and will and a lot of training. I am not saying it won’t happen, I am not saying it won’t happen, I’m saying that the people involved here have to be a certain type of person, and you cannot do it with everyone, they have to be ready to do it. Because if things don’t happen just because it’s outlined in a karmically prepared “how-to-do-it book”, ok you need to be prepared. And you need to be prepared at this point in your life, that you need to have these things done. All right, and now I know that love to know things as you evolve things  really about yourself and you really tried to totally immersed in what you are, these things will happen in time.  So, I wouldn’t really know, there are many changes happening in the next few years, the changes are going to be more and more dramatic. And I think that a trip will be in order shortly for you. And we’ll see a new opening happening. Also, as far as I know, things are getting better for you. You need to continue to get better effort in there and become more in touch with what you are. And the more aware of yourself that you are, the more you can understand the essences of your own being and how  you can be totally immersed in what you want to be versed in what you thought you wanted to be. Understanding is important, self-awareness is important, self-esteem is important, self-knowledge is important and understanding yourself is probably the most important thing to do. Understanding who you are and what you are. And the energy that exists inside of you is growing and as it grows, you understand more and be more involved and be more aware of the whole essence of yourself. So, keep following that pathway. And I am going to say this, whether or not I am, here or not, things are changing rapidly and there are things in the works, which I can’t tell you right now. But you have to continue your work, you have to continue without our input, you can expand what we have given you the tools to continue without our input, you can expand what we have given you the tools to do the work and not that it is going to cease soon. But that’s on the horizon. But you need to develop giving, what I am you I am giving more than you think there’s more things coming that will give you greater insight, greater understanding of what you think you are and I think if there are issues within you that you have to resolve especially on the emotional level and we got to be really aware of those emotional issues because they can cause you some traumatic events and if you’re not careful so the emotional level is one of your activities to hone so be careful of that. 

ROBERT: Finally, there are times when I can sense that I am above myself okay, all I can do and what comes to my mind is my higher self, but I am kind of physical, my energy expands upward, I feel the connection coming through me. And when I do that, you know, I just feel bigger. Just wondering any comments that you have about that or if there’s a further place to take it?    

JONATHAN: Swell, you going in the wrong direction, it’s not going up, it’s coming down. 

ROBERT: Now, that’s what I mean, my focus goes up, going to proceed it.  

JONATHAN: Well, that’s the way it is supposed to go. And that’s the energy is always there. You think, for an instance, you think of you as so wide, right? This is your physical awareness but you’re not, you’re much wider.  Okay, you’re only put into this, you operate, like we’re going to a puppet show, right? We have our hands in the puppet, the puppet moves as we move hand, well, that doesn’t mean we follow the puppet, the head of the puppet, right, we are going to find an arm that goes down there, right? It’s making the puppet move, right. So, we’re going to see where much bigger than I really thought we were, we’re not that little puppet anymore. We’re part of a much larger entity. And that’s all you sense, the energy flow. And the energy flow can be quite fast and quite strongly connected. And it can get to the point where that energy flow can hurt you and cause you a little painful thing. Your system, the nervous system, hasn’t compensated as of yet. But just enjoy and don’t try to do this all the time, the most critical part of you is this, you. It’s just like, you want to, oh, I just got back that I am going to, get more, you are going to get more. It has to happen when it’s ready. Okay? It’s not a logical thing. You don’t just go after it. Because what do you do, it’s not something you go after, it’s part of you. You know it’s there all the time. And it’s just that your perception hasn’t developed yet and in time perception will develop, there is nothing to do with chasing something or going after something, it’s there, it’s always there. It’s just that you are not perceiving it and your perception is narrowed. And sometimes the perception opens up and you perceive it at a greater level, you can perceive the flow, but it is always there. And yourself, what you consider yourself is much larger than what you think you are, okay. Anything else? 

ROBERT: I can do this with other people, but with me it is not too easy. How far can you sense my energy field going? 

JONATHAN: As far as you want it to! 

ROBERT mean, like right now. 

JONATHAN: It’s out there somewhat you want to be out 20 miles. You know, It’s , you’re surrounded by it. So, it varies all the time. First of all, sometimes it is, sometimes it is not, you’re trying to solicit answers that  can’t give you. The thing is , it flows, what body are you’re talking about, you have several different types of bodies. And they move around quite rapidly. Okay, and they go in and out all the time and that’s what they’re supposed to do is go in and out and when you utilize one or utilize the other depending on he needs and you’re trying to put definitions on things that really should not be defined, okay because going out doesn’t mean anything. I mean you are talking about a physical thing in a physical world, we only need to be how much physical.